About Edify Sports

Ever increasing sports industry now demands speed and accuracy to meet all its needs. We at Edify have imbibed the same requirement in our passion and have all hands working towards the betterment of sports culture around.

Edify Sports today proudly terms itself as one stop solution to meet all your requirements. Owing to the research and expertise that has undergone in the recent past that we have developed a strong tech support system ready to rival top leaders in the industry.

Our Business Goals & Objective


We don’t want to predict the future but create it!!!

We aim to provide our customers true value for their money.

We aspire to be the best in the eyes of our customers, employees, shareholders and all the people we touch.


Customer Service - We know the fact that sometimes you are abandoned because of lack of empathy on part of bussiness owners and that is why it’s imperative that we don’t drop the ball when it comes to customer service and secondly we want to make sure that there are friendly, informed staffs available always to help you.

Affordable Price - We offer such affordable price for all our products and service that it always becomes pretty much a mute point for our clients.

Consistent improvement in Services - It has become a little more challenging to maintain standard of customer service because the canvas has spread across number of platforms; but consistency across all of these platforms is the key to success.

Growth strategy

Focused – We have limited human and financial resources so must be focused in all our activities so we make choices and explicit trade-offs which have a long-term strategic impact on sports community. This is not about doing everything on offer but making choices based on ROI and business objectives, and making clear decisions on what to do and do not do.

Data Driven and customer focused - The strategic decisions that drive the growth strategy are based on sound data and analysis, and not anecdote. It is about understanding consumers who are committed to sports in terms of our objectives, with the immediate focus on people who are interested in Running and Cycling.

Transparent - The choice-making processes and source of data is transparent to build consensus on building sports as culture against the broader goals while informing business-level decision making within a broader context.


Raj Kumar – A Chartered Accountant by qualification and has run his practice successfully for last 20 years. He practices meditation and believes in spirituality. He ran multiple marathons and rode hundreds of miles on his MTB before starting this venture.

Gourav Nagpal – He studied management from UK and ventured into importing multiple products from China and digital marketing. He is crazy about tennis and has been running marathons for last 3 years.

Sachin Rustagi – A Post Graduate in marketing and has worked with blue chip companies across industries for 15 years in top management. He is passionate about running and cycling. He conceived this idea while riding his MTB on Manali-Leh highway.